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Goddess Infinity

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I am Goddess Infinity
I am a Reiki Master who works with Quantum Healing and crystals which helps align the chakras, clear blocks, healing, and revitalizes your body to a healthy state. As I use my intuitive abilities I can see where your body is holding onto emotional, physical, and unconscious mental blocks. I will help guide you in your breathe work and your body awareness to release blocked energies which will then ignite your Kundalini energy. Once tapped into that energy you will then be tapped into your authentic self the field of all possibilities. Once your energy is aligned and free flowing you will then be tapped into your full power. You will feel whole, lighter, happier, free, vibrant, full of life, and playful. You can experience a mind, body, soul connection with yourself first. When you heal and become whole you can then experience the same with your partner both beings being tuned in and tapped on is the most magical, profound,spiritual connection ever. It’s truly sensual and organic pure bliss !!Infinity