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Many blessings to all that are on their healing journey. When we address the internal, we shift the external. Heal fully with the power of Love that exists within you. As your guide, I want to hold up the mirror for you, are you ready to see your beautiful soul? I hope to teach you how to get to the core of guilt, shame, trama that has stored on your physical body, due to the social conditioning, family genetics, opinions, judgements that you have picked up. By bringing attention and awareness to the blockages or heaviness within you, you can shine light and let go and literally feel the openness and freedom to invite new thoughts, new love into your life.
So much of the culture we live in has to do with talking, problem solving and doing. Tantra is about breathing, being and feeling, going within. I hope to give you the tools to live the life your were put on this earth to be. Fully present, conscious, heart centered loving life. Enrich your romantic life, and learn to shine your light when coming in contact with all creation.
I have studied under a collection of spiritual women that taught me different modalities, we will use some life coaching techniques, kinetics, ancient Tantra Yoga wisdom. Awaken all your senses so you can be in tune with yourself and others. Calling on the highest light and love. May you see the beautiful soul that you are. Shine on, spread bliss.

I work with singles and couples

Love is the most powerful force on earth. There is no obstacle that can stand in the way of love. Our thoughts create our reality.

The only way to find love is to be love.

I look forward to guiding you to your best life ever!