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Goddess Kamala

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I am Goddess Kamala. I have been awakened as a Dakini, a female who blesses others with intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing and wisdom. I was born into this world to create harmony, balance and love wherever I go and in whatever I do. I believe that love, passion and sexual freedom is our human birthright. I am here to teach you how to develop your sense of relationship to others and to yourself, so that you can unlock your potential within to love freely in this world.

Your sexual energy is one of the most powerful spiritual awakening forces in your life, yet a great amount of your sexual potential lies unexplored or untapped. As you embark on this tantric journey, you will learn ways of accessing this potential, freeing it, as you open your body, heart and soul to the experience of being fully alive. f you are called to this practice, you should trust and honor that intuition. You are here, and that is beautiful!

During my sessions I combine various healing modalities: sensual tantric massage, pranayam (breathing techniques), sacred Reiki symbols(universal energy), guided visualization , yoga asana, and meditation. By working at a multitude of levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. I seek to harmonize your energies, to help bring you into the depths of your own aliveness and being-ness.

Kamala Tantra San Diego

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit verbal root tan, meaning ‘to weave’. It is about weaving the realities of life with honesty, sensuality, compassion, and truth. “Tra” comes from “trayate”, which means ‘to liberate’ in Sanskrit. The interconnectedness of life is central to the philosophy of tantra. Put together, tantra is a practical, experiential path of liberation. On this journey towards liberation, we are freeing ourselves from the greatest illusion– separation.

The tantric path is the art and science of connection and union. Put into practice, it will help you in personal healing and transformation and in your relationships, help to develop your potential for ecstacy and intimacy. Emphasis on connection is crucial in today’s digital culture. As important as innovation and technology has become for increasing our ability to connect with each other, I witness a dulling in the direct sensory experience of life within the digital age. Tantra is a practice of calling awareness to our senses- touch, taste, sight, sound, smell– and finding the bliss in the simple pleasures of life. Amidst a sea of exciting new technologies, we must not forget that there is an ancient, sacred technology within each of us– that is our own body and our own light. Note: technology is not inherently bad or good, and the beauty of tantra is that it is a viewpoint on life that shifts are awareness to drink it ALL in. Free from the duality of good and bad, the tantric path is one of play, surrender and bliss!! As you move into this space of blissful union, you will find yourself dancing with the opposites, and feeling more in tune with the cycles of nature (pain, pleasure) and more at peace with the mystery that unfolds around you!

Before finding tantra, I earned BA in psychology from NYU, became a certified yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200) and an avid scholar of eastern philosophies, mainly Buddhism and Hinduism. I was drawn to tantra as a part my own sexual awakening, and have experienced first hand the healing potential of this eastern philosophy in our modern Western lives. The practice has helped me evolve into a young goddess with a mature understanding of sexuality, and given me tools to help empower others. As I step more into my truth, I invite you to do the same.