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Goddess Rhiannon

503 432 0486

Peace, love, and joy my friends.

With a warm heart and open arms, I welcome you. I am the Goddess Rhiannon. Born under the first moon rise, I am known as a Lunar Goddess, here to illuminate the pathway to your ascension. Submerged in a cultural darkness, I lie in the realms of your dreams, waiting to reconnect your life with the vigor and passion to that which you once lost. I shall teach you that with patience, truth, and love all people can create change in themselves, no matter how bleak life may seem at the moment. With prosperity, forgiveness, and self confidence, I will help you to reveal the truth in your dreams and remove the role of victim from your life. Together, we shall journey to remember, rediscover, and reclaim the thrown of your Divine Essential Self. Together, we will find your passage to enlightenment. 
I stumbled upon tantric healing by fate, being at a point in my life where I needed a guide, a change to bring me back to where I once was. At the lowest of the low, I was stuck in a hole of darkness, seclusion, and misdirection. Lost in the abyss of of society’s lies and my own misconceptions, my fate seemed bleak. My future, a simple blur of this nothing I had become. A wisp of wind in the air you go to grab but can never catch. Where was the girl, where was the woman I once was? Was meant to be? I had been bound and made to think so negatively. These negative thoughts, laying in my subconscious, continued to pull unwanted energy towards me. I was enveloped. Each of my four bodies had become imbalanced, disconnected. My vibrations were all off, and the khundalini could not travel freely through my body. I was blocked.
Thus, bring in tantric healing.
The word tantra is actually a compound of two verbs, tan being “to expand, to grow, to give meaning,
integrate, intertwine, and connect,” while tra, stands for “to protect, to free from sorrow, to help one move away from the domain of afflictions.”  Therefore the word tantra refers to the path of health and healing, science and spirituality, one that holds our full growth as its main purpose. Tantra yoga is typically associated with the third chakra, allowing one to transform, shape, and purify. Intuitive tantra goes a step further than that. The definition of intuitive is “based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.”  In order to heal, I would have to rely on my four bodies to innately push through the blockades to find my path out of this darkness I had created, allowing my aura to glow bright, and meet my true Divine Self.
Allowing you to discover the same liberation practicing tantra showed me is my goal. My background lies heavily in health and wellness, having a large knowledge of body mechanics, nutrition, and self care. I will use my knowledge during your sessions to establish a link and awaken your senses. Sound. Smell. Touch. The environment we create together will become a safe space for you, for us. In conjunction, we will practice breathing, meaningful movement, and purposeful touching during each session. This will allow any knotted energy in you, any walls, blockades, or armor to soften and let go. Through my direction, your mind, body, and emotions can be at ease. With gentle, safe, and conscious engagement, I shall guide each release, accompanying the restoration or even Self discovery of your greater well-being.
I am so delighted and look forward to meeting you as we voyage towards the limitless, ever abundant potential dance to the Divine.