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Tantra New Orleans
Tantra New Orleans




Aloha! My name is Isis. I’m glad that, in this beautiful moment, you have found me here.

I am inviting you to join me on a sacred journey. This is the journey into your own heart and the heart of all creation. This is the journey of releasing the layers of pain and resistance that have built up around your core essence to protect your vulnerability—and surrendering into the infinite bliss and depth of who you truly are. I will guide you on this journey; I will lead you—and yet I will be there by your side the whole time, too. We will go together, and I will provide a space of pure love and safety inside which we may journey into realms of authentic and intimate connection, transcendent spiritual experience, and healing.

I am sensitive to your energy, and I will honor you exactly where and how you are. Verbal communication will be clear and open, and, in the space that I provide, you will feel my sincere acceptance of you and my complete love for you. You will have my undivided focus and attention. My intention in this space is for you to have an experience of union with your true nature and for this experience to enliven and transform your life, inspiring you to shed old layers that no longer serve you and empowering you to emerge as the most glorious expression of who you are in each moment—for this freedom and happiness is your birthright! If you choose to take this journey with me, be prepared for your life to shift in amazing and radical ways.

I will guide you using the tools that are called for in the moment, including breathwork, touch, meditation, eye contact, intentional postures, spoken words, song, and sound. This is a non-sexual tantra practice.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!